overspray management

overspray happens

Overspray claims come in many forms and sizes. ReconLINX can manage them all. Paint overspray, tar from street construction, epoxy sealer during bridge restoration and ferrous oxide particles leaked from factories are but a few examples that can wreak havoc on neighboring vehicles and buildings. Such claims can be overwhelming for insurers who don’t encounter them often, but overspray claims are where we excel.

Photo collage of catastrophic weather events


Comparable to a fine mist, overspray is an airborne contaminant that feels like a gritty sandpaper-like substance. It coats a vehicle’s finish and can substantially impact its appearance.

Some of the most common causes of overspray include:

  • Industrial paint overspray
  • Oil deposits
  • Cement/concrete
  • Tar or roofing overspray
  • Ferrous oxide (rail dust)
  • Industrial fallout/chemical emissions
  • Polyurethane spray foam
  • Acid rain
  • Asphalt (paving materials)
  • Road spray (from freshly painted road striping)

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