All-in-One Auto Hail Appraisal and Repair

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We’ll help you navigate your auto insurance claim and work with your insurance company for maximum savings on your deductible.

We understand how frustrating and inconvenient hail damage to your auto can be. The good news is that we provide a quick and easy road to recovery.

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Schedule Your Visit

Request a hail appointment with your nearest Certified Repair Center here. A Claims Professional will contact you to confirm the appointment.

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Get Your Damage Appraisal

Bring your auto to the Certified Repair Center and your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and appraised by our experts in hail damage repair. Your estimate will cover the repairs required, including any necessary replacement parts or paint and bodywork, and any deductible under your insurance policy.

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Get Your Damage Repaired

Our Certified Repair Technicians will restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition and get you back to your regular schedule as swiftly as possible.


Quality Checked

When a vehicle has our Quality Checked™ tag on it following a repair, you know the vehicle has been given the proper expert care. Our certified technicians are confident enough in our standards for excellence to put their names on each guaranteed repair.

Your repair also includes a lifetime guarantee and an additional 12-month DentGuard® dent protection benefit.

Auto Hail Damage Repair

Your Trusted  Hail Repair Specialists

We’re sorry you’ve experienced hail damage to your vehicle, but fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1991, PDR LINX has been restoring vehicles to their former glory with understanding customer service representatives, experienced appraisers and certified repair technicians. Breathe easy and let us handle it from here!

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an innovative dent repair process that restores dented vehicle body panels to their original factory condition. PDR is a non-invasive process that uses specially designed tools to gently manipulate and a panel back to its original form—without damaging the vehicle’s factory finish.

Your appraiser will help you determine if your repairs require PDR, conventional repairs or a combination of both. Experienced Nobilis Certified Fulfillment Technicians perform all PDR repairs and assist with any conventional repairs, so each repair is Quality Checked™ and guaranteed against any future defects or reappearing dents.  See the PDR LINX Lifetime Repair Warranty below for details.


We have nearly 30 years of experience restoring excellence to hail-damaged vehicles. Additionally, we’re recognized by all insurance carriers, and repairs are performed by fully insured hail technicians. We’ll coordinate your repair with your insurer, and all hail repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty. Your deductible is your only out-of-pocket repair expense for professional restoration service.